Down East Cleaning Products

Cleaning Naturally Since 1992


DOWN EAST® Cleaning Products are scent-free, non-toxic, have a low environmental impact, and are suitable for use by most people with allergies and sensitivities. 

Your Health — how we value it


Lots of companies have a page on their website that describes their corporate values. We often wonder: “Who reads that and why? ”Do you really care that a company is dedicated to accountability, transparency, innovation, and trust? What does that even mean? That’s the company talking about themselves. We want to talk about you—because we developed our product to meet the real needs of real people like you. You could say we have only one value: your health. And we value it in many ways.

Your Safety
Down East products are hypoallergenic and free from toxins, scents, and dyes. They’re even safe for your septic system.

Your Home
We’ll get your clothes, dishes, bathroom, and home as clean as any other product in our class, without all the extra nasty ingredients.

Your Planet
Our products are biodegradable, have low environmental toxicity, are plant-based where possible, and were the first cleaning products to receive the ECOLOGO certification for environmental sustainability. We also use only recyclable packaging and offer refill stations at many stores across Atlantic Canada.

Your Economy
Down East cleaning products are a product of Atlantic Canada. They were developed here, are made right here, and always will be. We use locally made boxes, labels, and containers in the manufacture of our products. When you choose a local product, you’re supporting jobs and improving the economic strength of our community

Pick up DOWN EAST at your local store and discover the kinder, gentler way to clean