Down East Cleaning Products Group Photo

Laundry Detergent
750 ml, 1.8 L , 3 L, 4 L and 20 L
A 2X liquid concentrate requiring only 45 ml per HE load. Versatile and can be used in top or front loading washing machines. Gentle on all fabrics leaving clothes feeling fresh and clean.

Oxygen Bleach Powder
1.8 Kg
A chlorine free bleach that will remove stains and brighten clothes. Safe for colours and most fabrics.

All Purpose Cleaner
750 ml and 4 L
A concentrated product requiring up to 1/100 dilution with water prior to use. Suitable for the cleaning of large areas such as floors, walls or carpets. Free rinsing to give a spot free surface.

Bathroom Cleaner
650 ml
A ready to use spray cleaner for the cleaning of baths, showers, bowls and fixtures.

Dish Washing Liquid
750 ml, 4 L and 20 L
A highly concentrated product requiring less for each use than many similar products. Cleans and rinses well leaving dishes and glasses sparkling clean.

Spray Cleaner
650 ml
A ready to use spray cleaner for the cleaning of smaller areas such as countertops, appliances or spot stains.

Cream Cleanser
500 ml
An emulsion of finely ground natural minerals and cleaning agents that will gently remove difficult surface deposits and stains from countertops, appliances and porcelain surfaces.